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DaMoyre's Fics and Things
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This is damoyre's writing journal for: fic, random snippets, plot bunnies, and poetry.

Anything goes. Please, feel free to friend. :)

Warning: May contain adult material. Slash and yaoi will be prominent in most of my writing, with some femme slash thrown in for good measure. View at your own discretion.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the universes in which I write fanfic. I make no profit off it, other than the joy of having a little fun with the characters I love.

* Queer as Folk (US)
* Blades of Glory
* Pirates of the Caribbean
* Vampire Chronicles
* Smallville
* Naruto
* Gundam Wing

For a full index of my Gundam Wing Fanfic, please visit GWAddiction. (Mostly yaoi)

* Poetry
* Original Fiction

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